Welcome to Manga's 

"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe  you should set up a life you don't need to escape from".~ Seth Godin ​​
Hi there!  I am Jeaketa Manga, the founder of Manga's Mini Treats.  The bakery started officially in 2015, however we have been baking for a lot longer than that.  We started with only cupcakes and cakes.  However, we have moved into more mini treats, such as traditional cookies, brownies, blondies, and  decorated sugar cookies to name a few. 

So how did we start this business?  So grateful you asked!  I love creativity and anything that gives you an opportunity to express yourself, so having children just increased our opportunities to do this.  When we had our daughter in 2009, I was ecstatic.  I decided to put my sleeping creative skills to the test.  I came up with treats and ideas that my friends and family loved.   After this, we started receiving requests for mini treats at different events and the rest is history.   I worked full time, and helped to plan a few parties in my spare time. 

So fast forward to 2014, after we had our second child, our son.  At work, I  received word that our jobs were ending.  We either needed to move with the company or be laid off.  Since my husband's job was still here and he is successful there, it was a no brainer.   I had worked in the banking and insurance industry for over 12 years, and decided that it was time to move on completely from the corporate world. 

So, Manga's Mini Treats went from a dream to reality!  And we have been "baking ourselves happy" ever since.  My husband, Kennedy Manga, and I have two beautiful children, Kaitlyn and Michael.  We love spending time with our family and just enjoying life. 

  Enjoy your visit!